Christi Janney is intent on bringing opportunities not readily available to serious dancers in our community. Once the professional Eclipse Performing Dance Company was established and thriving, she supplemented her interest to include the teenage dancer. She feels strongly that the moment you realize an intermediate dancer is training rigorously and excited to progress, that is the moment that in-the-field instruction is most beneficial.  January 2016 marked the introduction of her Internship/Apprenticeship program.  INTERNS (age 10 through 13) and APPRENTICES (age 14 through 17) had the privilege of going through the actual audition process as well as attending a company dance class once per week. They were required to sign a work release and experience first hand the process of professional rehearsals. These students then presented their first full length production of Sleeping Beauty on the stage in June 2016. In December of 2016, the Interns/Apprentices enjoyed presenting a holiday favorite, The Nutcrackerfollowed by their performance of The Lion King, Jr. at the University of Delaware’s Thompson Theatre in May 2017.  The improvement seen within these dancers in just one season’s time had been monumental.  Training at this caliber improves and cultivates the dancer’s technique, professionalism, performance abilities, sportsmanship, and determination.  The experience and advantages that these Interns and Apprentices have provide a solid foundation to make the serious dancer a successful one.

“A polished dancer has the ability to outshine all others.”


2018 marked yet another milestone for the Interns and Apprentices of Eclipse PDC. It was then that a full scale collaboration was put into place. Interns and Apprentices were given the honor of performing with the professional dancers of Eclipse in their production of Beauty and the Beast and then again in 2019 with The Little Mermaid. Apprentices have since then been continuing this prestigious position right along side our principal dancers.  Training with Eclipse Performing Dance Company elevates the performance capabilities, enhances a professional bio, and provides experience working within a specialized environment. Eclipse is very proud to nurture these dancers as they soar to success!