~Pictures of the costumes from stage view available below~

Ariel MermaidPurple shell bikini bra top with sparkly green fin leggings
Ariel VillageVillage dress with white satin long sleeves and attached pale blue skirt. Black tied corset for waistline. Blue bow for hair included
Prince EricNavy blue pants, white long-sleeved tied shirt and red cumberbund. Comes with knee high black sailor boots to cover shoes
SebastianRed unitard with red sequin vest and red bow tie. Comes with headband “mini hat”
FlounderHandmade yellow dress with blue fin accents. Headpiece included
UrsulaBlack corset bodice, detached purple tentacles skirt and purple fin leggings. Comes with black crown and shell necklace
(2) Flotsam & Jetsam2 black unitards – one sleeve is long, the other is strapless. Mohawk purple headpiece included as well as purple and black arm bands
(6) Mersisters – Aquata, Andrina, Arista,
Attina, Adella and Alana
All Mersister costumes have the following – bikini bra top with matching fin leggings and headpiece. Colors included are: purple, royal blue, pink, yellow, orange and red.
Scuttle One piece white long-sleeved jumpsuit with attached feather arms, head and tail. Orange knee high socks and white bird face mask included
(3) The GullsOne piece white long-sleeved jumpsuit with attached feather arms, head and tail. Orange knee high socks and tan bird face mask included
King TritonMen’s green merman leggings. Trident included
Chef LouisBlack and white checkered pants with white long-sleeved shirt included as well as a white chef hat
GrimsbyGrey wig and black long-sleeved jacket with tails and white ruffled neck tie
SeahorseMetallic blue front zip sleeveless leotard with mesh backing. Pleated yellow mesh accent on front and included yellow wire seahorse headpiece
Sea TurtleTan unitard with dark brown accents from knee to ankle. Turtle shell t-shirt overlay, hand painted design on front and back. Insert pouch for “shell”. Shell not included
Clown Fish“Nemo” style orange, white and black hooded dress
StarfishTan unitard with blue and silver applique. Headpiece included.
Manta RayGrey unitard with an attachable Manta Ray shaped “cape” and head covering.
JellyfishPale pink unitard with purple accents from the knee to ankles. Jellyfish hat with hanging iridescent stings/tentacles
Lil CrabChild size red long-sleeved lycra leotard with crab claws and crab headband headpiece.
(3) Les PoissonsKnee length teal fish costumes with attached fish headpiece with open space for face. Orange accents at the shoulder
(5) Waiters5 black bow ties with 5 gold waiter trays that attach with band to the hand
Props & AccessoriesShell necklace, light changing Ursula’s staff, King Triton’s trident, multicolored scarves for “Kiss The Girl”, water fabric that is 30ft in length, giant whale kite, giant squid kite, 8 koi fish handheld kites, gold waiter trays that attach with band to the hand, seaweed and “gadgets and gizmos a plenty”
Set pieces Ursula’s throne

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