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Private Instruction

Private instruction is utilized on an individual basis geared toward the needs of the participant.  Whether you are looking to enhance your technique or seeking choreographic services, we can provide a plan for you.  Private Instruction is designed to give you the training you need in the genre you want at a time that is convenient for you.  For additional savings, we offer options to double and triple up with dance colleagues.

Expertise in dance takes an incredible amount of time and effort.   With individual attention, the rate of learning can increase drastically.  We can help whether your needs are in executing material properly, bringing power and stamina with movement, enhancing proficiency in technique or in presenting yourself emotionally.  Dance is an art.  Eclipse would love to help you bring that art to life!

Private instruction is not limited to a specific genre.  Your needs may be in presentation, stamina, emotion, or you may simply want to widen your range of talent.  If you want to focus on a particular style, some genres for instruction would include (but are not limited to):

o    Ballet

o    Modern

o    Jazz

o    Lyrical

o    Pointe

o    Partnering

o    African

o    Contemporary

Private Instruction for Choreography

When choreographic needs are required, it’s generally something of extreme importance to the individual. Eclipse is very aware that there’s no room for second chances. We take choreography requests very seriously and will help you devise a strategy that utilizes the dancer’s strengths and captivates their audience.

Choreographic services are all individualized and are not limited to the options below:

o    Audition Pieces for College Admission

o    Dance Festivals

o    Competitions

o    Pageants

o    Theatre Productions

o    Performances

1 Hour Private Lesson 1 Dancer $60
1 Hour Semi-Private Lesson (doubled up) 2 Dancers $40 Per Dancer
1 Hour Trio Lesson (tripled up) 3 Dancers $30 Per Dancer

Arrangements must be ‘made and paid’ in advance without an option for refund if there is a cancellation within 24 hours. To schedule your private lesson, contact Christi Janney at